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Your quotes are safe with us

VSAT quotes often contain sensible information. We understand that you do not want to start shouting this out in the open. When you send us a quote it will be allocated to the inquiry, then discussed internally and if it is a good offer, it will be presented to the client.

We will never present a quote or offer along with your company name, logo or contact information. All offers presented are anonymous. Only if the client decides for your offer, will we put you in direct contact with them. You can discuss the details, sign the detail, send your invoice, get paid and only then we ask you pay us our commission. All quotes which the client declined or which were not presented, will be destroyed. This way, you are safe to quote.

Did you know? You can list your hardware free of charge in our hardware section. And if you have news about you or the industry you want to share, we will publish them for you in our news section.