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BusinessCom ( are proud to announce the availability of a new iDirect-enabled satellite service with global Ku-Band coverage. BusinessCom’s ID GLOBAL Satellite Service is designed to augment our several regional services with a unified global offering that delivers the same successful and well-proven benefits and advantages to their clients, regardless of location.

The ID GLOBAL service offers a single list of bandwidth options and consistent pricing that spans most of the globe, and supports easy mobility from location to location with the same hardware. This is often difficult when going from one regional service to another. The service also offers the advantage of simplified rollout. A company deploying a number of VSATs across a wide geography need not waste time matching hardware to services to satellites, but can roll out a single package that will work in all locations. For most applications, the client can select service levels and hardware that can be deployed uniformly almost anywhere in the world, and regardless of location, obtain the same high level of enterprise class services offered by BusinessCom’s regional iDirect Broadband

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CETel and Onlime sign agreement for CETel to acquire Onlime’s Managed Satellite Services

Cologne/Aerzen (Germany), June 2017. CETel, a leading global satellite communications and network service provider, announces the acquisition of Onlime’s Managed Satellite Services for an undisclosed amount. This acquisition is a further milestone in CETel’s growth and diversification strategy alongside its continuing customer base expansion. The transaction allows Onlime to concentrate on further development of their core business of community software applications and its fiber and wireless based communications solutions in Africa‎. After the technical migration, CETel continues operating the existing managed VSAT services, which include oil and gas, corporate, NGO, Government and mining customers, as well as international service providers.

Furthermore, both companies have entered into a strategic partnership complementing each other’s services for upcoming business opportunities. Together, CETel and Onlime will focus on their individual strengths in the VSAT and terrestrial environment in order to deliver the full requirement chain of communications needs in various vertical markets.

“The acquisition of the Onlime managed satellite services further strengthens our position as a global solutions provider for fully managed end-to-end communications services. With this acquisition, CETel expands its worldwide service portfolio and coverage which emphasizes its leading position to deliver world-class services and support. I’m also excited about how the combination of CETel and Onlime will accelerate our position to provide hybrid communications solutions, which will become more and more significant in our customer’s needs. Summarizing, in addition to our consistent customer base expansion, this acquisition is a major step within our growth and diversification strategy,” says CETel’s Managing Director, Guido Neumann.

Paul Ziegler, CEO of Onlime states, “The spin-off of our managed satellite services helps Onlime to fully concentrate on the expansion of our existing African focused software and communications businesses, which present a coherent value-added service to CETel’s strength in the provision of VSAT and managed satellite service solutions.” Paul adds, “Onlime continues to operate its teleport facility to serve satellite operators and service providers with enhanced teleport and data center services, but our future focus will definitely lie on working together with CETel to serve customers in the African and Middle East Markets offering both satellite and terrestrial solutions. We look forward to working closely with the CETel team going forward.”

Avealto Completes Series A Funding with US$3 Million investment

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM – December 21, 2016

Avealto has secured the resources to complete development of the first commercially viable High Altitude Platform providing telecommunications infrastructure

This funding has been provided by a group of private investment organizations with extensive experience in aerospace and telecommunications technologies. The funds raised will allow Avealto to complete its development program, with the design, assembly and flight of a 45- meter HAP.

Avealto High Altitude Platforms will fly at stratospheric altitudes of 20 to 25 kilometers (66,000 to 82,000 feet), with geostationary station keeping, to provide telecom infrastructure on demand.

Avealto’s development team has flown several test vehicles and multiple balloon flights over the last three years, to test elements of the system. A 28 meter (92 foot) long prototype vehicle will be flown in March of 2017 to test the integrated avionics and telecom payload. The roll-out of the first 45 meter (148 foot) commercial vehicle is planned for September of 2017.

The European Union has invested tens of millions of Euros on studies (notably Framework Programme 6: Capanina) related to HAPs for telecom use, the results of which have been extremely encouraging. Avealto is the first company to seize the initiate to invest its own funds in the development of a commercially viable High Altitude Platform.

“I am pleased that some very sophisticated and knowledgeable investors have given their support to complete the development of this transformative telecom technology.” – Walt Anderson, Director – Avealto Limited

The Avealto HAPs will be solar-powered, lighter-than-air vehicles which will remain on station in the stratosphere for months at a time. Each HAP will be able to provide high quality telecommunications infrastructure to a terrestrial footprint some 240 kilometers (150 miles) in diameter. Each HAP can provide more bandwidth than a typical geostationary telecommunication satellite.

Here is an interesting presentation from our friends over at GMN / RedPort Global. Click this link to download their product overview.

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VSAT Global will be a week of debate, discussion and knowledge-sharing around the biggest issues shaping the satellite industry. Examining the impact of HTS, Exploring the end-user perspective and cutting edge innovations such as LEO, MEO and high altitude platforms, VSAT Global will take stock of how the satellite industry is changing and provide you and your business with the know-how of how to thrive in this evolving industry. Don’t miss out on the game-changing discussions that are set to characterise this year’s show.

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22 June 2016

First class redundant operation of VSAT Internet connection on a vessel.
A nice video from our friends over at FlexibleVSAT.

24 June 2016

5G or not 5G? Boeing joins the battle over broadband satellite spectrum
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24 June 2016

Analysts’ Views Regarding The UK’s Regulatory Environment Now That Brexit Has Occurred
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06 June 2016

American Airlines Dumps Gogo and Strikes Deal With ViaSat
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